Kind Kids: 50 Activities for Compassion, Confidence and Community

Discover all the forms kindness can take! Fifty unique games, crafts and mindfulness activities help kids develop empathy and respect for themselves, their loved ones, and the wider world. Written by preschool mindfulness experts Dr. Helen Maffini and Whitney Stewart, the cards include hands-on solo and group activities perfect for home or classroom use and beyond.


About the Contributors

Co-author: Dr. Helen Maffini is a global educator who has lived in 15 countries. She is passionate about teaching mindfulness and kindness to children, teachers, and parents around the world. She currently resides in the United Arab Emirates.

Illustrator: Mariana Ruiz Johnson
Mariana Ruiz Johnson is an award-winning children’s book illustrator and author. She likes to explore the narrative power of illustration and the relationship between images and words. Using vibrant palettes and different patterns and textures, she combines traditional techniques and digital media. Mariana lives in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina with her husband and two children.



“Essential for every home and classroom!

“Kind Kids: 50 Activities for Compassion, Confidence and Community” is a timely and timeless treasure because it explains so perfectly how children can generate kindness from the inside out. From the moment they awake and throughout the day, this indispensable resource naturally teaches kids how to give kindness to themselves, other people, and life on Earth.

Written in clear, kid-friendly language, each Kind Kids activity card is exquisitely designed and joyfully captivating. Children (and adults) have easy access to a rich and well-organized menu of fun activities to spark imagination, cultivate responsibility and inspire thoughtful deeds anytime, anywhere. User-friendly guidelines are simple, welcoming, and provide candid answers to difficult questions such as “what if I am kind to people but they are mean to me?”

One of the best features of the Kind Kids activity card deck is the clear commitment to inclusivity and equity. Excellent representations across various aspects of human diversity such as gender, ability, race, culture, age and more are beautifully reflected on each and every card. Families and educators alike will appreciate how the Kind Kids activity cards teach compassion, confidence and community, and at the same time also naturally foster creativity, communication, collaboration and concentration!

There are multiple uses for this delightfully engaging tool: young minds can discover on their own, families can ignite conversations at home, and teachers can expand the curriculum and build upon children’s inquiry and interests. One of the most comprehensive and valuable resources on the market, the Kind Kids activity card deck deserves to be in the lives of every child right here and now. Simply priceless!”Elizabeth Joy Erwin, Ed.D.