Marshall, A Nantucket Sea Rescue

Marshall is a big, friendly Newfoundland who is rescued during a ferocious storm near the Nantucket shore. With the care and training of his new family and the surfmen of the United States Lifesaving Service, Marshall soon becomes a life-saving dog himself!

Marshall: A Nantucket Sea Rescue unfolds on a stormy night in March 1877 when the WF Marshall wrecked near Surfside Life-Saving Station on Nantucket. Rescuers from the life-saving station came running. They used a small cannon to fire a rescue line to the ship. Onto the line, they attached a life-ring with pants called a breeches buoy. One sailor at a time got into the breeches buoy, and the life-savers pulled him from the ship to the beach. Everyone on board——including a young woman, her baby, and a big, black Newfoundland dog——was saved. After the rescue, young Nantucketers Alice and Edith Gardner adopted the big Newfoundland dog and named him Marshall, after the ship. They taught Marshall tricks and romped all over the island with him.