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Check out my radio interview about teaching meditation to kids.

Minute 15:45 of interview

Whitney Stewart’s latest work, ‘A Catfish Tale,’ is an homage to both the Brothers Grimm fable, ‘The Fisherman and His Wife,’ as well as the work of the late Cajun storyteller, Coleen Salley. Continue reading

Fellow Hen&ink Literary mate and young adult novelist Hannah Goodman (bio below) tagged me for a writer’s blog tour that asks writers four questions about the writing process. I’ll blab about what I’ve been doing for the past two years and then tap two talented colleagues who’ll carry the blog forward: Cyndi Briggs and Tori McCagg. Don’t forget to read below to learn about my three talented colleagues. Continue reading

Travel is easy—okay, maybe not easy, but exciting—and writing is tough. I’m home now and stuck at my desk, but my mind escapes into the images of memory. Today I tap into a mental forest while my pal Lukasz scans the physical one. Who will return with the goods?

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